Snowboarding – How To Reach The Next Level

Snowboarding – How To Reach The Next Level

January 09, 2017

There are several ways to take your snowboarding skills to the next level; more speed, more air, more powder or more back country. A fun and exciting way to push yourself forward that we recommend is playing around with some tricks.

...coming back from a week in the mountains and feeling like you’ve not progressed at all can be equally disappointing.

It's fantastic to race down the mountains at speed and feel in control, but adding a few freestyle moves to your riding will get you even more comfortable on your board and really pushes on your skillset.

While it can be tempting to stick to what you know because you’d rather make it through the rest of the week intact, coming back from a week in the mountains and feeling like you’ve not progressed at all can be equally disappointing. Especially when others around you have.

So don’t aim to be the boarder that doesn’t fall anymore - you should be falling, because that means you’re getting out of your comfort zone, keeping up the adrenaline and becoming a better boarder.

Tips and tutorials

We’ve eliminated that first step and done the research for you.

Part 1 of this post lines up some of our favourite how-to-videos mainly from Snowboard Pro Camp. They have a huge range of tips and tutorial videos and we’ll reference them throughout.

Part 2 feeds your shredding appetite with a playlist of impressive and inspiring snowboard videos that will remind you why these tricks are worth the effort.

You can find both playlists on our Glower YouTube Channel. Before you proceed; a few notes of caution:

  • Wear protection when exploring these new tricks. Like we’ve said before, “buy it before you need it, not after you need it”. Protection is essential to comfortably take that next step up.
  • Make sure you check out the slope for other riders before goofing around, you want to make sure you’ve got the space and are not getting in the way of others.
  • Make your own judgement on your skill level and ability. This is our advice, but ultimately you're responsible for what you try.
  • Lastly: these videos will get you dangerously in the mood for some slope shredding, so if you’re not ready to cope with this, avert the eyes!

Now, no more excuses; get reading, get watching and get jumping! Once you’re out there on the slopes, you’ll be very excited to try some of these out.

Pre-season training

Our advice for getting a few new snowboard tricks under your belt, is to get started early – even before you’ve seen any snowfall at all. It might seem a bit silly to strap on your board and jump around on dry land, but building that muscle memory is an essential step to learning anything new. And it’s a great excuse to get your snowboard out of hibernation!

Building that muscle memory is an essential step to learning anything new.

Remember that it’s all about practising the technique, getting comfortable with your own board and body positioning, and once you’re on the snow-filled slopes a lot of the exercises will feel much easier once you’re riding along.

10 Snowboard tricks for pre-season training

What to learn first

If you’ve not experimented much before, start with some simple tricks to ease you in. Though daunting at first, the feeling of success will soon drive your addiction for always more.

10 Snowboard tricks to learn first

The ‘Butter nose roll’ and ‘Back / Front 180’ are the most fun tricks from this set that we've played around with.

What to learn next

10 Switch Snowboard Riding Challenges

Switch riding is critical to perfecting spins so spend some time improving your switch. You can start off easy by picking out a few flatter slopes. Throughout the days force yourself to ride switch at least 50% of the time, gradually start completing a few whole runs in switch and have a go at getting on the chair lift with your opposite foot strapped in.

Terrain Park Etiquette "Shretiquette" - How to Ride Park Safely and Respectful

Learn some “Shretiquette” if you’re feeling ready to head into the parks. Some key points to take from this video include always doing a check run of the features and how to be safe and aware of other riders.

10 Tricks to learn next

From this list, the 'Butter Spin' and the 'Method Grab' are definitely our style picks, but the 'Tripod' remains one to impress!

How to improve your Jumps

5 Tips for Beginner Snowboard Jumps

Remember these 5 tips as you go jumping and you will immediately feel more confident and end up with a better landing.

Making those 180s feel (and look) effortless

Start with just twisting your board while you're riding along and as you get more comfortable, play around with edges, side banks and jumps.

How to Twist 180 on a Snowboard

How to Frontside 180

Some more advanced tricks

Maybe you're already comfortable with the tricks above or you want something bigger on the horizon to build up to. Here are a few more advanced tricks to help you broaden your trick list.

3 Tips for Hitting Bigger Jumps

How to do Your First Frontside 360

How To 180, 360 and 540

Follow our Snowboard Tricks Playslist on YouTube to stay up to date and discover new additions.

Feel good and get inspired

The best is yet to come: now that you've started experimenting and have built up your skill set, it's time to start freestyling and get a little funky on the slopes. We've listed some truly inspiring videos that will get you excited no doubt about hitting the slopes. The outdoors is your playground. need to leave your comfort zone in order to expand it

First thing you do is follow the Snowboard Fun - Moodsetters Playlist on YouTube. These videos get your legs itching and your entire body craving for the mountains, so you’re going to want to watch these before heading out to the slopes. Witness how much fun tricks can be once you start incorporating them into your routine.

The best of flat tricks

This is what you should be doing. Fun, exciting and more attainable as their playground is the regular slopes we all get to ride. This is where your butter spins, 180s, jumps and switch riding practice pays off. See how it can be done, because you too can pull this off!

The best of flat tricks #2

Peace Park 2015

A showcase of some of the most creative snowboarding in a dream setting.

BYND X MDLS: Laax & Japan Ep 1. - Shred Bots

Get a taste of Shred Bots movies with this video. Great action, with some lifestyle insight thrown in as well.

Horgasm – A Love Story

Entertaining, funny and some incredible inspirational snowboarding with Torstein Horgmo. Think big.

Broken Mechanism: A short film featuring Bode Merrill

“The definition of fearless." Bode Merrill shows what’s possible for a special talented few who are a bit crazy. Incredible.

A last reminder

We hope these videos help improve your snowboarding and get you motivated to take that next step, because you need to leave your comfort zone in order to expand it.

Get a little funky on the slopes...The mountain is your playground.

If you're soon heading on a winter break, make sure your check our 5 Tips To Guarantee You The Best Snowboard Holiday for some tips and recommendations.

And before hauling yourself to the slopes, don’t forget:

  • Muscle memory – it’s the key to learning new things or practicising common movements.
  • Stretching / Warm up – get your muscles warmed up before hitting the slopes. You know your own body, so pay attention to those areas that are sensitive or injury-prone.
  • Build up to new tricks, don’t dive in without having put in the groundwork. We say “push yourself, don’t break yourself”.
  • Be sensible when scoping out jumps and descents. It makes sense to always go out with a mate. If something doesn’t go as planned, they can assist you.
  • Don’t aim not to fall – explore, try, play, improve. Don’t be boring, just be better.
  • Most importantly: Have fun, the mountain is your playground

Get ready for #NOBADDAYS

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