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Printing a custom design for Lenig & Vlug Gymnastics

by An Marien November 12, 2015

This year, Gymnastics Club “Lenig & Vlug” (aka “Agile & Fast”) from Nijlen (LVN) in Belgium decided they wanted to refresh the club’s image. While they dedicated their time coming up with fresh ideas for their classes and the remodelling of their venue, they approached Glower to help with a new look.

"We aimed to offer a variety of styles in our options; some that conveyed the power and action involved in the sport, some that emphasised the beauty and serenity of it."

They were looking for a new logo and a design for the club t-shirts. Each member of “Lenig & Vlug” receives a t-shirt with their subscription, making it all the more worthwhile to create something striking and exciting. In addition they were interested in hoodies for the coaches and competition group, something that would unite them as a team.

First, the artwork

With some guidelines and requirements from LVN we let our inspiration run wild, ending up with a collection of different designs for them to choose from. The design needed to bridge both the gymnastics and dance branch of their club, but also be appropriate for each member to connect with.

Different designs for custom print gymnastics

It was definitely a challenge to cover both female and male gymnasts as well as dancers in the artwork. We aimed to offer a variety of styles in our options; some that conveyed the power and action involved in the sport, some that emphasised the beauty and serenity of it.

After the initial feedback we edited the top 3 designs and introduced a bit of colour and context.

Bespoke design in colour on tshirt and hoodie

With lots of enthusiasm they selected the 1st design. Once we knew their favourite, we went on to refine the details and did a bit more work on logo and font. Have a look at our journey through the design process:

In the print room

With all changes approved, we were keen to get our hands dirty – quite literally, starting with mixing the ink for printing. In our workshop we hand mix all of our colour to guarantees a great fit with the garment. Mixing the ink by hand can be quite an intensive job - that’s why we've sped it up:

Inks ready and garments selected, we could kick-off the artwork prep. In screen printing each colour of the artwork needs to be separated into an individual layer. We hadn’t made it easy on ourselves with this design. The result was 3 separate layers (i.e. colours) to transfer the print onto the t-shirts and hoodies, with different sizing for front and back printing.

Screen on the printing press gymnastics design

Screen on the printing press gymnastics design

Screen printing uses frames (i.e. the screens) with a stretched mesh (the mesh has tiny little holes in it) to print the designs. To transfer the design onto the screens, we coat them with green, light-sensitive paint in a darkroom. This means that when the coated screen is exposed to light the paint hardens, except for those parts that are being blocked out by our artwork. The blocked out parts allow for the paint to be washed out of the screen mesh where the ink can pass through when printing.

Once the design has been transferred onto the screens, we align the separate screens on the printing carousel. At this stage it is crucial that each separate layer of the artwork lines up perfectly to combine them back into one, colourful print.  

Screen set up on the printing carousel


After all this prep work, we are ready to start printing. An exciting time, every time. Check out our timelapse video to see how this works:

For this project, we also created a smaller printing board from an old chest of drawers to print some of the smaller children’s t-shirts. It got pretty cute!

Creating a smaller platen for the press

Finally: The Result

The result: t-shirts of all sizes; from 3 years old to XXL, for young and old, for boys and girls, for gymnasts, coaches and dancers; for all that “Lenig & Vlug” caters for in their club.

Gymnastics design printed light and dark

Custom printed design male and female

Custom printed design gymnast

Custom printed design gymnast

Custom printed hoodies

If you have any questions about the process, any other information you’d like us to share or are looking for a new design for your club, event or brand, just get in touch and we’re happy to help out.

Thanks for reading!

An Marien
An Marien


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