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Festival Season Highlights // Summer 2015

by David Barnard September 28, 2015

With the summer having rapidly come to an end, we feel like it all went past again too quickly; 3 months of summertime followed by 9 months of counting down to it.

Before our memories have faded completely, it’s worth recapping the highlights of the musical scenery we were lucky enough to witness over the festival season of 2015. There were so many, but here are just a few.

Jurassic 5 // 1st day of Pukkelpop 2015, Hasselt (BE), Main Stage, 15:55

J5 were one of the most entertaining performances we were part of this summer. Without a doubt do they know how to keep their audience entertained.

While they have been performing for over 15 years and are no unfamiliar name on the line up, they pulled everything out of the bag to make sure everyone was having a good time and would bounce around in the sunshine. They brought fun and energy to the stage along with an incredible interlude from DJ Cut Chemist.

Everything Everything // 2nd day at Festival No. 6, Portmeirion (UK), The I Stage, 20:45

While having heard some songs on the radio from this band, it was nothing compared to watching them perform live. It is fair to say that this group was the surprise act of the summer.

Everything Everything performing at Festival no. 6 2015

Going in to the marquee as an act to watch before another performance on our list, we came out keen to get tickets for their next gig. The lead singer has an impressive vocal range and delivered a powerful, flamboyant, energetic and unforgettable show.

James Blake // 3rd day of Pukkelpop 2015, Hasselt (BE), Marquee, 22:45

James Blake we knew was going to be one-to-watch-and-witness. Despite expectations being high, we were still blown away when seeing him and his band at work.

Playing quite late on the last day, when generally after 3 days of intense festival-life you really crave a bouncy act to get you pumped for those last hours, James Blake was mesmerising and inspiring.

We watched him create his own backing vocal loop, at the same time as multi-tasking instruments and remaining very relaxed as he produced his familiar piercing sound. Feeling the soundwaves hit you from the speakers was quite chilling. A worthy highlight and most likely another gig attendance for our calendar.

Belle & Sebastian // 2nd day at Festival No. 6, Portmeirion (UK), Stage No. 6, 21:30

Belle & Sebastian is an all-time favourite of Glower and a live show brings history and expectation. They lived up to it too. Non-stop tunes floated across the field with the occasional one-liner from lead singer Stuart Murdoch.

Belle & Sebastian performing at Festival no. 6 2015

Seeing a band like this live at a festival brings a whole different vibe to their music as you witness the effort, passion and energy going into each of the songs. Check them out when you get the chance.

The Districts at pkp15 // 2nd day at Pukkelpop 2015, Hasselt (BE), Club, 15:15

The prize for the most energetic front man definitely goes to The Districts. Rob Grote’s performance was gripping and infectious as he sold each and every song.

Having not seen them before and only having discovered them recently we didn’t know what to expect but for us they gave best performance of any indie rock act at the festival.

The Districts performing at Pukkelpop 2015

Two Gallants // 3rd day of Cactusfestival, Bruges (BE), 15:00

Cactusfestival is one of the smaller festivals in Belgium. The more intimate nature and one stage set up however set the scene perfectly for Two Gallants. This US based folk rock duo really captured the audience.

Two Gallants performing at Cactus Festival 2015

While we’d hardly met anyone who heard of them before, it was great to be standing right at the front of the stage and see a few people mouth their lyrics. Two Gallants bring a raw sound that draws you in and keeps you on your toes.

Gaz Coombes // 3rd day at Festival No. 6, Portmeirion (UK), Stage No. 6, 16:50

While only having released his second solo album this year, Gaz Coombes is one to keep track of. Having had quite a musical history as former Supergrass lead vocalist and guitarist, he knows how to deliver.

During the late afternoon on the last day of the festival, the sun started to break through the clouds turning his tunes and vocals all the sweeter. His astonishing voice and the confidence and style of delivery, honed from years of performing, created the perfect atmosphere and a very enjoyable highlight.

Gaz Coombes performing at Festival no. 6 2015

Twenty One Pilots // 2nd day of Pukkelpop 2015, Hasselt (BE), Main Stage, 15:55

In a slightly different genre than we’re used to peaks Twenty One Pilots. The musical duo is described as “alternative hip hop” and “electropop” or “indiepop”.

Another band that didn’t hold back at the fields of Pukkelpop. Even though they weren’t all that familiar to the Belgian festivalgoers they drew everybody in.

A bit of a show put together goes a long way at a festival, which is exactly what they achieved when they brought out the drummer to play on top of the crowd. From start to finish they kept your eyes on them and brought a great vibe to the early afternoon of day 2.

Super Fury Animals // 2nd day of Victorious Festival, Portsmouth (UK), Common Stage, 20:15

A welcome performance from this Welsh rock band at Victorious festival got the crowd singing along to some classics. A particularly entertaining scene when “The Man Don't Give a Fuck” came blasting across the fields.

As psychedelic as they have ever been they owned the main stage and showed their commitment. Fun, entertaining, interesting and memorable. What more do you need?

Mountain Bike // 2nd day of Pukkelpop 2015, Hasselt (BE), Wablief?!, 13:15

An early surprise at Pukkelpop was delivered by the Belgian indie rock band Mountain Bike in front of a packed marquee. Showing up on stage in NBA basketball jerseys and nothing but that certainly set the light hearted and entertaining mood.

Despite seeming to not take themselves too seriously they delivered a strong performance and left the crowd wanting more. One to watch.

Our Summer 2015 Soundtrack

We've been extremely lucky this year with opportunities to see great new bands and quality performances from those that have been around for years. Too many good ones to go through them all but we've ended up with some permanent musical reminders of our summer 2015.

We've pulled all this together in a Spotify playlist. Enjoy and maybe even discover.

David Barnard
David Barnard


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