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Red Bull Hardline 2015 in pics

by An Marien September 18, 2015

Red Bull Hardline 2015: Our anticipation was high for this event. Described as the “toughest downhill race ever run” it attracts some of the world’s best downhill mountain bike riders to stretch their limits on a very technical and demanding course. Here are a few snaps we took to share the action as it was set in stunning surroundings.

MTB Red Bull Hardline sign on jump

It’s only the 2nd time this event has been held, taking place against the beautiful hilly backdrop of Mid-Wales, and last year’s edition wasn't even open to the public; which only made us count down to it that bit more.

Red Bull Hardline Downhill MTB start line mountain bikers lined up

Built by professional UK downhill racer Dan Atherton, former Great Britain national champion and on this occassion 1st victim of his own downhill landscaping after a test ride resulted in a crash and broken shoulder, the course delivered plenty of gap drops, spicy turns and intimidating jumps.

Mountain bike jumps Red Bull Hardline copyright Luke Ryan

After a steep climb up the Welsh mountain hills through the mud, it was an incredible spectacle to see great talent fly through the woods and tackle the challenging downhill course.

Mountainbiker downhill at Red Bull Hardline 2015 copyright Luke Ryan

On Saturday, the Welsh weather didn't do the track any favours, making the top section of the track unrideable and turning some of the jump landings into complete stand stills. A bit of trial and error during the practice sessions definitely got a few ”ooows” and “aaaws” from the crowd.

Moutain biker falling off bike mid air Red Bull Hardline

The course turned out to be such a beast that by the final racing day only 8 riders remained to tackle the challenge. One of the most impressive obstacles was the road gap, leading the riders straight into a turn, dropping almost straight over the heads of the spectators.

MTB jumping drop off Red Bull Hardline copyright Luke Ryan

MTB jump drop off through trees Red Bull Hardline copyright Luke Ryan

Former World Champion Gee Atherton had the fastest time during qualifications. Unfortunately a blowout ended his race, but regardless he still made it all the way down the hills on a tyre-less rim. Some people never stop to amaze.

MTB sign beware riders overhead Red Bull Hardline

Victory was seized by Ruaridh Cunningham, completing the course in 3m 53.785s, closely followed by Joe Smith with 3m 57.402s and in third place Bernard Kerr with 4m 1.035s.

Mountain biker jumping hills Red Bull Hardline

Quoted from the official report, Ruaridh said, “The course was incredibly tough, mentally and physically the toughest I have ever ridden. It was good to see everyone get down safely and I am delighted to take the win”.

Winner Red Bull Hardline 2015 Ruaridgh Cunningham

This beautiful scenery combined with the intimidating speed, endless airtime and crafty obstacles left us longing for more. Pumped up by these inspiring performances, we are ready to get out on the bikes.

MTB downhill jumps bottom Red Bull Hardline 2015 copyright Luke Ryan

Downhill landscape in Wales at Red Bull Hardline

Special thanks to Luke Ryan who accompanied us on the trip and shared some of his stunning pictures with us for this post. 

An Marien
An Marien


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