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2014 WUCC: Biggest ultimate event in history

by David Barnard August 12, 2014

With Glower we are out to create the foundation of a brand we can be proud of, and you will be proud to wear. As part of this we’ll be attending events to gather experience and inspiration to grow into something real. Last week we visited our first ever event as Glower: the WFDF - 2014 World Club Ultimate Championships in Lecco, Italy. Here is a flavour of the sport and team spirit at a grand scale event like this.

Playing ultimate frisbee at WUCC 2014 Lecco

Chevron playing ultimate frisbee catching

The Biggest Ultimate Event in History

The WFDF - 2014 World Club Ultimate Championships in Lecco, Italy is possibly the biggest Ultimate Frisbee event in history, with an estimated 3500 participants from all around the world. Events like these have many perks, not least the opportunity to just be outside.

 All day, every day. Ultimate Teams from all around the World in Mens, Womens, Mixed and Masters divisions come together to create a unique sporting atmosphere. Though medals and glory are on the minds of many teams it doesn't get in the way of team spirit and good sportsmanship.

"...with a majestic mountain backdrop, inspiration isn't hard to find."

Despite the stunning location and scenery, an uncertain start caused by the stormy weather the region has experienced this year meant a delay in proceedings with all games on day 1 being cancelled. Despite frustration and a desire to get started after months of preparation, an enforced additional rest day gave opportunities to relax, while-away the day playing games and enjoy catching up with team mates on subjects of life rather than sport. 


After an initial downpour, the bad weather quickly passed, making way for the ideal summery scene you imagine being on the fields is all about, and the games began. Soon the pitches and player centre became our second home and with a majestic mountain backdrop, inspiration isn't hard to find.

Victory and Defeat

Around us is the fallout of participating in team sport at its highest level. The sounds of motivation: chants, speeches and singing. The noise of victory: cheers, screams and shouts. The silence of defeat, a dream over for another 4 years.

Chevron playing ultimate frisbee

Our links to people at this tournament are many. On this occasion, Glower created a custom print for the Most Valuable Player t-shirts of Chevron Action Flash, a team from Manchester that’s full of friends.

"But the social side of team sport brings you back together for more, time and time again."

Scattered amongst divisions, teams and nationalities we share in the emotions onset by the days play.


Seeing teams defeated and divided is part of team sport, and dealing with loss and disappointment is always tough. But the social side of team sport brings you back together for more, time and time again.


On finals day only the few remain still in the running but for those whose ambitions were shot earlier in the week it’s an opportunity to re-join each other, celebrate and commiserate and enjoy the last matches of the World Championships. Same again in four years?

Chevron on the line playing frisbee mountain backdrop

David Barnard
David Barnard


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