Christmas Gift Guide for Girls Who Shred - 10 ideas under £100

Christmas Gift Guide for Girls Who Shred - 10 ideas under £100

December 06, 2017

With Christmas just around the corner it's time to turn to the web for some gift ideas! We've put together this handy guide full of suggestions for presents for the female mountain biker in your life!

And ladies, there is absolutely no shame in just sending this guide to whoever will be your meaningful shopper of the season. How else will you get what you want under the tree?!

 This guide focuses on gifts for girls but you can check out our other unisex guide here: 12 Unique gifts for Mountain Bikers - The Raddest Christmas Selection

We've collated 10 ideas under £100, so regardless of your budget you've got plenty to choose from that will allow you to combine some ideas or select as the Big Present. 

This Christmas...Shop local, shop independent

As an independent brand we understand and value the passion that goes into small businesses, so our gift guides try to highlight products from local or independent brands where possible. We also strongly recommend a visit to your local bike shops for a browse and some in-house knowledge and follow-up customer care. 

And make sure you make it to the bottom of this guide, we might even have a little treat for you...(oooh pressies...)! 


1) Mudguards from Reaperstore - £9.99

I can't decide which one to buy first, but theses mudguards from Reaperstore are the bomb! Such an awesome design for a much needed mountain bike accessory. 

Spice up the bike pimping with the wide variety of choices from Reaperstore. These mudguards are a neat and thoughtful gift. You can either go for that feminine touch or totally badass with some stunning graphics.

MTB guards from reaper
Get Christmassy with a furry pattern, galaxy view or 80s pattern! 

They are made from recycled plastic and created by a small team of enthusiastic designers who love mountain biking. The mudguards have been tested and perfected to the bone with these beauties as a result. 

Reaper also offer a design-your-own option, which can make for a very unique present. But when in doubt, just stick to their range, plenty to choose from and they know what they're doing. 

> Price:  £9.99 
> Found on 
> Based in UK, made from recycled plastic and eco-friendly inks
> Ships to UK and Worldwide


2) Paguro earrings - from £15

Every girl loves a bit of jewellery. A clever way to show that you truly get a mountain bike chick, is by combining her love for the wheels with some beautifully up-cycled inner tube earrings. 

upcycled inner tube earrings paguroupcycled inner tube earrings paguro
From tube to gem - what a transformation

We met Paguro at a local bike market and were blown away by the creativity and detail they had on show in their products. 

As mountain bikers we spend a lot of time in nature, so our respect for the environment is part of our soul. At Glower we also work with recycled and sustainable materials, so we share the enthusiasm for these gorgeous and environmentally-conscious jewels. 

> Price:  from £15 
> Found on 
> Based in UK  
> Ships to
 UK and Worldwide


3) KT tape - from £15.99

Not the sexiest present, but oh so essential! KT Tape holds you together when the body is letting you down.

I used to be very skeptical about how a piece of tape could help you recover, but this little piece of elasticity got me through a week of downhill riding in Tignes as an reoccurring thigh problem flared up and stopped me from standing out of the saddle. After applying this tape, I made it through the entire week without strain. 

KT tape for mtb
Stick it together, with the tape, the tape of love. The sticky stuff! 

They also come in all sorts of colours and patterns which is just a bit of fancy fun. 

> Price:  from £15.99
> Found on Amazon 
> Ships to

4) Glower Tees & Jerseys - from £18

When you've got a true shredder that can only think about their next outing on the bike, counts down to every weekend for hours of riding fun and fancies looking badass both on and off the bike, then Glower tees and jerseys are the perfect gift for the female mountain biker in your life. 

Screen printed mountain bike t-shirts as christmas gift from Glower ClothingHand printed t-shirts for female mountain bikers
Smiles for miles with these hand printed, soft and stylish jerseys

At Glower, we've put a lot of effort into finding nice fits, quality materials and flattering fabrics. We've aimed for that perfect balance between feminine styles and comfortable casual wear. Our clothes are fair wear and made of recycled or organic materials

Our designs are unique, hand printed, and long lasting. You can choose between our baseball jerseys which have already brought smiles for miles to many girls on the trails. Or go for one of our sleek, stylish tees! 

> Price: from £18 for a jersey, £25 for a t-shirt
> Found on 
Glower (oh my, that is this site you're on!)
> Based in Surrey (UK), independent shop, hand made, fair wear, created locally 
> Ships to 
UK and Worldwide 


5) Uplift Day pass at Bike Park Wales - from £32.50/day

Show that you truly understand your woman and her wheels, and gift her an uplift day pass. If she is a "Downhill Only" lady, this will be a great surprise that promises for an unforgettable day of descents. 

Bike park wales mtb trail centre
Very "downhill only" at BPW - my favourite!

Having recently shredded the trails at Bike Park Wales again, we can only recommend this as a destination for endless, epic downhill fun. The calendar fills up quickly, so a gift voucher will be a good reminder to get some dates booked in! 

Bike Park Wales is the UK’s first full scale mountain bike park in the heart of the South Wales valleys, built by riders for riders. In the last year, they have added so many more features and trails in the last year, making them a top quality centre for riders with a variety of skills.

Some of our favourite trails include 'Popty Ping' for tabletops in the woods, 'Insufficient Funds' for epic jumps and drops, 'Terry's Belly' for endless berms or 'Vicious Valley' if you want to get a bit more technical with roots and rocks. 

The voucher is valid for 12 months from date of purchase and you can enter any amount you choose. 

> Price:  £32.5/day 
> Found on Bike Park Wales
> Based in Merthyr Tydfil, Wales, UK  

6) MTB Goggles from Melon Optic - from £37.5

The final addition to any female shredder's kit are the goggles. Whether riding in wet or dry conditions, these can be quite the life-saver. Nothing worse then getting blurred vision mid jump or whilst flying downhill at full speed. You want it crystal clear. 

MTB goggles from melon optics

Race face on, Christmas gift sorted, style approved 

The MTB goggles from Melon Optics are a stunning piece because: you can design your own customised pair on their website. Select the style you like and have a play around with colours and prints. I feel a special love for the marble and the galaxy frames, but then there is also the mint matte... lush! 

With Melon Optic you get triple face foam for extra comfort, a smart venting system and an interchangeable strap system (need to style it out based on the mood!). 

> Price:  from £37.5
> Found on MelonOptics 
> Based in UK  
> Ships to
 UK and Worldwide


7) MTB magazine subscription - £39.50

Want a gift that pops up throughout the year just to say "look how much I love you and how super thoughtful I am"? Then go for a MTB magazine subscription. 

Cranked magazine cover
Ride bikes, read about bikes, look at pictures of bikes, get bike gifts for Christmas

We've recently come across Cranked Magazine. What's different about them? With a big focus on stories, Cranked brings a different angle to Mountain Bike magazines. We love their captivating photography and real feel of the articles with its focus on people and places. 

> Price: a yearly subscription incl. 4 issues for £39.5
> Found on Cranked 
> Based in UK
> Ships to


8) Urbanist Padded Cycling Knickers - £49

These padded knickers have a lot to offer for girls who spend most of their time with their cheeks in the saddle. They are comfortable to keep on post-ride when you have a cheeky one in the pub. They don't show up under your shorts and they are easy to pack when travelling. 

Urbanist padded cycling knickers
Pants for Christmas - classic gift for under the tree

The Urbanist padded shorts are also a great alternative to have as an extra option without having to pay the price of a full set. Particularly in toastier locations, a "brief" pair feels so much lighter on the legs. Plus, they are cute and come in all sorts of funky patterns! 

> Price:  £49
> Found on 
> Based in 
> Ships to 
UK and Europe


9) Oasis long sleeve diamond line base layer from Ice Breaker - £75

If you ride several times a week, you end up with a fair amount of base layers going through the laundry. With the chill approaching as winter kicks off, you don't want to be caught out without a quality, body hugging top to keep you comfortable on the bike. 

Check out this gorgeous long sleeve top from Ice Breaker. They've got got a great reputation for delivering long lasting products. With this material - 100% merino wool - you get what you pay for. 

ice breaker base layer

A light weight item, warm, breathable and odor resistant. And why not go for a stunning pattern to accompany your rider's style on the bike? 

> Price:  £75 
> Found on Ice Breaker
> Ships to
 UK and Worldwide


10) ION MTB Shorts - £79.95

Every girl appreciates an extra pair of shorts to ride in. The choice and colours for mtb shorts for women are finally expanding, so we point you to the wide variety of options available on FlowMTB

The difference with this shop is that the brand is run by a female rider at the forefront. Anita, who built the brand up from the ground, found, just like us, that it can be a struggle to get hold of decent female styles and fits when it comes to mtb clothing in the UK. She brought it all together with straightforward shipping and delivery options, and focuses on materials tested by their very own race team. 

mtb shorts from ion on flowmtb website 

These ION shorts offer 2 way stretch fabric, easy waist adjusters, reflective detail and an integrated phone pouch. Plus, the maroon is spot on for this season's colours! 

It's not just about being able to mix it up on the bike, but after a wet day of shredding through the dirt, we're happy to slip into a clean pair the next day! Sometimes even mid-day when it's getting torrential and we still want to play outside!

> Price:  £79.95 
> Found on FlowMTB
> Based in UK 
> Ships to
 UK and Worldwide


Thank you for reading our Christmas Gift Guide, we can only conclude that you must really care about that special shredder in your life! 

Because we too get into a celebratory mood around Christmas Season, we love to give you a £10 discount with the code MERRY10 which you can use on any item in our web shop as you shop for that special rider. Enjoy and be merry! 

£10 discount for Christmas Gifts for Mountain Bikers from Glower Clothing



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