12 Unique Gifts for Mountain Bikers - the Raddest Christmas selection

12 Unique Gifts for Mountain Bikers - the Raddest Christmas selection

November 16, 2017

From stocking fillers to 'The Big Present' - this gift guide for downhill mountain bikers is sure to help you find the perfect Christmas present for the MTB'er in your life. Or, if you are said mountain biker, feel no shame in blatantly sending this to your significant other for unsubtle hint dropping!  

This Christmas...Shop local, shop independent.

As an independent shop we understand and value the passion that goes into small businesses, so our gift guides try to highlight products from local or independent brands where possible.

We also strongly recommend a visit to your local bike shops for a browse and some in-house knowledge and follow-up customer care. 

And make sure you make it to the bottom of this guide, we might even have a little treat for you...(oooh pressies...)! 


Stocking Fillers

We've found you some cheap as chips stocking fillers that will excite just about any rider and won't cost you the bank. It's the quickest way to become a thoughtful present buyer!  

1) 100% MTB goggles air freshener - £1.59

The perfect stocking filler with a message - "you stink and so does the car". After an epic day of riding through dirt, this air freshener for mountain bikers from 100% will be a relief next time you get in the car after a weekend spent on muddy trails in the forest.

If you think about it, it's a clever way of giving something to the both of you. 

MTB goggles air freshener from 100%
Advisable for car and body rubbing after epic days of riding - 100% freshness.

> Price:  for only £1.57 and on sale right now! 
> Found on Chain Reaction Cycles 
> Ships to UK and Worldwide


2) Lube Twin Pack from Mucoff - £9

You can't have too much lube, ever. This Lube twin pack from Mucoff has got you covering your bases for all seasons.

Mountain bikers feel a real love for their lube, so this Christmas present shows how much you too care about their toys and there isn't a more beautiful feeling than shared care for what matters most. 

MTB Lube Twin pack from Muc-off for stocking fillers this Christmas
Wet lube, dry lube - show how much you too care about their toys...with lube! 

> Price:  £9 (on sale from £14)
> Found on Tredz.co.uk 
> Ships to UK and Worldwide


3) DMR x Brendog MTB death grips - £11.49

These MTB grips are the beautiful result of a collab between DMR Bikes and Downhill Mountain Biker Brendog aka Brendan Fairclough. Not only do they have an ultra sweet look, they are also set up for any weather conditions and will give riders serious comfort when whipping it on the descents. The reviews on Chain Reaction Cycles are worth the read and testify to the quality of these grips. 

Little side note: Brendan Fairclough is our local celebrity here in Surrey (where we are based), met him last month at one of the Pedalhounds MTB races. What a ledge. 

Deathgrip MTB grips DMR collab with Brendan Fairclough Deathgrip MTB grips DMR collab with Brendan Fairclough close up
Brendog will show you how to get a grip! 

> Price:  £11.49 (on sale from £16.99)
> Found on Chain Reaction Cycles 
> Ships to UK and Worldwide


4) MTB Socks from Sockguy - £10.78

Who doesn't want socks for Christmas? Socks are a must-buy Christmas present because it's the one thing no one ever ends up buying for themselves. We count on Christmas for a yearly update to our sock drawer with awesome, fresh, quality socks ready for the trails.

These socks form Sockguy feature original designs and don't compromise on style (we love a bit of design yeah). They are made entirely in the US, no outsourcing and no corner-cutting. Go matchy matchy with the bike for rad looks on the trails. 


mtb socks from sock guy
A must-buy Christmas present for toasty toes and matchy matchy outfits - sweet riding.

> Price:  £10.78 
> Found on Tredz.co.uk , Sockguy.com
> Based in US, produced locally
> Ships to Worldwide


Gifts between £20-50

For some reasonably priced gifts, we've picked out fine items that will not disappoint your trail animal.  

5) Fox Wallet - £20

Always a mess bringing cash and coins to the bike parks, but you need money for parking or even better, in contribution to trail maintenance. So treat the downhill rider in your life to a compact and stylish solution with this beautifully crafted Fox Wallet. 

The perfect present that is durable, fashionable and worth the cash - ha! 

Fox mtb wallet frontfox mtb wallet back
> Price: £20 
> Found on Fox Racing UK 
> Ships Worldwide


6) MTB T-shirt or Sweatshirt from Glower Clothing - £25

Looking for an epic and original gift? BANG - you've found it: printed by hand, kind to the environment with its sustainable materials, respectable to workers through its fair wear garments, and truly unique and hand crafted designs for and by mountain bikers sharing a passion for the downhill adrenaline. 

We absolutely love our tees and these gifts lead to "smiles for miles"! 

MTB t-shirts and sweatshirt for Christmas by Glower clothing for Bike & BoardScreen printed mountain bike t-shirts as christmas gift from Glower Clothing 

Love the environment, love the craft, and love your rider with our environmentally-friendly epic tees and prints.  

> Price:  £25 for a t-shirt, £45 for a sweatshirt
> Found on
Glower (oh my, that is this site you're on!)
> Based in Surrey (UK), independent shop, hand made, fair wear, created locally 
> Ships to 
UK and Worldwide 


7) MTB Accuri goggles from 100% - £25.99

Another great Christmas gift to show you care about the mountain biker in your life - MTB goggles! The Accuri goggles from 100% are great quality and reasonably priced. They also come in a mix of fun colour combos that are easy to match. 

Securing visibility is one thing, but getting to look badass on the trails is the priority here.  

mtb accuri goggles for downhill riders from 100%
It even comes in the green & red Christmas colours! 

> Price:  £25.99-34.99 
> Found on 
Chain Reaction Cycles 
> Ships to 
UK and Worldwide 


8) Coaching session with We Ride MTB - £50

Get a present of long lasting value with a coaching session from We Ride MTB. We met these guys at Northern Grip this year and visitors were crazy for their sessions!  

A technical session can really make the difference for a downhill rider who wants to invest in their skills. We Ride MTB offer coaching at a variety of locations and days, so plenty to choose from if you want some flexibility. 

The company is run by the dynamic duo of Ben & Claire, who share our passion for biking as well as boarding - so you know they are a cool bunch! They also offer mountain bike holidays if you fancy an outdoors get away yourself. 

mtb coaching with we ride mtbmtb coaching from ben and claire at we ride mtb

> Price: from £50/day per person 
> Found on We Ride MTB
> Based in UK, sessions across the country and in EU locations


Gifts under £100

9) Flat MTB pedals from Nukeproof - £54.99

With Nukeproof's well tested and gloriously reviewed MTB pedals, it's all about getting good grip, which can be much needed when facing the usual wet and slippery UK riding conditions.  

The big platform allows for much more comfortable pedalling, its solid base means it doesn't matter which kind of shoes you're wearing and even when you'd lift off the bike, it's easy to find those grippy pedals again. 


flat mtb pedals from Nukeproof for downhill riders
Nothing says Merry Christmas like a package full of steel.  

> Price:  £54.99 (on sale from £74.99) 
> Found on Chain Reaction Cycles 
> Ships to UK and Worldwide 


10) Five Ten Flat MTB shoes - £98.60

Five Ten MTB shoes are the perfect combo of quality and style. These flat MTB shoes -inspired by the BMX culture - are easy to wear pre and post ride and their grip on the pedals is phenomenal (speaking from experience). 

This pair eliminates the need to bring an extra pair of shoes to the bike park while still providing great support as you push your limits on the trails. Our particular preference goes to the Freerider Pro shoes with their weather resistant upper materials that are quicker drying than any of their predecessors.   

 five ten flat mtb shoes


> Price:  £98.60 (on sale from £110) 
> Found on LeisureLakesBikes.com 
> Ships to UK and Worldwide 


The Big Christmas Presents

We've collected a few ideas if you want to splash the cash on that one big present.  

11) Fourth MTB lights for night riding - £275

With daylight quickly fading over the winter months, it becomes tougher to fit in time to ride. With tricky trails and an abundance of trees populating the surroundings, a decent set of lights on helmet or handlebars are essential. 

The lights from Fourth allow for a variety of configurations and riding styles. The beauty of these particular lights is that they are significantly smaller compared to some of the other brands, which results in less weight and space taken up on your bike. Small in size but powerful in illumination.

Fourth are another independent brand who we've met at Bike Festivals and are local to us (Farnborough, Surrey), which results in great customer service and in-house knowledge

MTB lights from Fourth
Switch on your Christmas lights now! 

> Price:  from £275 
> Found on
Fourth Lights
> Based in Surrey (UK), independent shop
> Ships to UK


12) Go Pro Hero 6 black - £499

I can't think of a single rider that would not jump for joy with a Go Pro gift. It's definitely in the pricier gift range, so make sure you really care a lot about the person you'll be giving this to. But as we all know, "if it's not on social media it didn't happen", and that's how this little snapper has become quite the necessity for downhill mountain biking. 

What is so good about the Go Pro's latest tech? Improved image stabilisation, a higher frame rate (so even fast dudes can be captured), and waterproof up to 10m without the need for a special casing.     

If it's not on social media - it didn't happen. So make this Christmas a memorable one. 

> Price:  £499 
> Found on 
Go Pro site, Surfdome, John Lewis
> Ships to UK and Worldwide 


Thank you for reading our Christmas Gift Guide, we can only conclude that you must really care about that special mountain biker in your life! 

Because we too get into a celebratory mood around Christmas Season, we love to give you a £10 discount with the code MERRY10 which you can use on any item in our web shop as you shop for that special rider. Enjoy and be merry! 

£10 discount for Christmas Gifts for Mountain Bikers from Glower Clothing

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