Glower Clothing for MTB & Board - About us

Glower Clothing was hatched when these 2 creative minds connected. A detail obsessed, impatient, adrenaline addict of Belgian descent meets an energetic and creative, UK based, experimental daredevil.

With a love for riding and a continuous craving for the mountains, they celebrate their passion for board & bike, for snow and dirt, with their epic tees for epic riders.

Together they are tied to their own unstoppable thoughts-train, which takes them on a journey of thrill-seeking and shredding adventure.

Make the mountains your playground


An mountain biking with Glower clothing for mtb and board David snowboarding with Glower clothing for mtb and board


An & David from Glower clothing


With the constant battle of so much to do and so little time, we not only want to be inspired to do more of what we love, but also be reminded of those good times.

Glower helps you see the playground in everyday life and captures your love for riding.

With a unique twist, our hand-crafted designs capture for you the downhill adrenaline, the air time screams, the raddest descents on slopes and trails. The mountain is your playground, so go out there and keep on riding!


Glower clothing for board & bike looking out over mountain range


Where, When & How? 

Glower was founded in 2014 and to this day all our designs are hand printed in our workshop in the UK, based in Farnham, Surrey. Starting with a manual carousel, freshly mixed inks and a blank canvas we delved into the world of screen printing.


Screen printing Glower clothing at work

Choosing to be self-taught printers made for a steep learning curve, but true rider-style, we knew that a hard up makes for an epic down.

Fair wear clothing hand printed by Glower clothing for board and bikeMixing ink by hand screen printing Glower clothing for board& bike


Leaving the old comfort zone behind us, buried deep underground with a few panic attacks, we opted to go all in and establish an independent brand of quality clothing with an ethical background. Blisters, elbow grease and a few sore muscles are all part of the mix as we hand print designs that embody great memories and riding adventures to come.


Why choose hand printed Glower clothing for board & mtb  Fair wear and sustainable garments at Glower clothing for board and mtb