How we keep it fair & sustainable?

Being a small company it would be ambitious to say we are going to try to save the world all on our own. We do our research to be aware of the impact inherent to our creating processes, we work responsibly throughout and make decisions with both the environment and the people in it in mind.

Being constantly immersed in nature, we value the health of the environment.


Made of 100 percent recycled materials Glower clothing for board and bikeFair wear garments made of sustainable materials Glower clothing for board and bike


We look for quality materials to guarantee our products’ lifespan and recyclability. We work with partners that share our beliefs about environmental responsibility and operate according to recognised and certified standards.


An working on the printing press for Glower clothing for board and bike  

Our garments are where possible made of sustainable resources, from 100% organic cotton, to 100% post-consumer recycled materials, modal and tencel. 


What being fair & sustainable includes for us:

  • Our tees & sweats are made of sustainably sourced fabrics and recycled materials.
  • We choose fair wear garments for which garment workers have been paid a fair wage.
  • We test out our products for their long-lasting quality wash after wash, ride after ride.
  • We focus on keeping waste to a minimum as all prints are within our control and we can instantly spot flaws in the production.
  • We chose to start out with a second hand printing press and which has been repurposed with a new screen printer.
  • We recycle misprints and old clothing as test prints and cleaning cloths.
  • Our packaging includes recyclable materials.
  • We reclaim used screens.



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