Why choose hand printed?

Its uniqueness

Each item is printed by hand (our hands!). Nothing is automated, so every product ends up with its own individual feel. We go by our gut feel and instinct of what we believe gives our tees that rad look.

No single t-shirt is the same because our prints are not mass produced.

We mix our ink colours by eye. Yes, that is some big effort! But we have fun choosing blends and responding to what works well. And why not risk the chance of being surprised?


Screen printing and mixing colour by hand Glower clothing board and bike


The experience of quality

Screen print always looks good, always has, always will. The experience of a screen printed t-shirt versus a digital one is significantly different and it all comes down to quality. The feel of the texture of the ink makes the print more enjoyable and tangible.

Screen printed t-shirts tend to be more durable and are less likely to have a crack in the design.


Printing in workshop with ink pots Glower clothing board and bikeScreen printing pink ink on screen with clouds Glower clothing board and bike


Reducing waste

Hand printing gives us complete control over what we create and this approach helps us reduce waste. We produce the artwork and screens in our very own workshop, allowing us to experiment and tweak as we see fit. We are not left with a ton of unsuccessful designs or a high amount of misprints. If we notice a flaw in the production, we can immediately respond to it.


Opportunity for custom prints

As we make our own screens, we’ve been able to accommodate custom print requests for our customers. If you like a design but want it on a different garment or colour – that’s no trouble for us! Being small and independent gives us that little extra flexibility to create something you truly love.


Screen printing cycling print on screen with ballloons Glower clothing board and bike


Works by instinct

If you already own some of our Glower tees, you may have noticed that we tend to put our logo in different places. Much like how we ride with our gut feel, that’s how we print in the workshop – what feels good, looks good.


Room for improvement

Being involved in every step of the process lets us carry out quality control checks throughout and gives us the opportunity to improve our working methods continuously to guarantee the best quality products. 


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