Entry to Glentress Trail Centre Women's riding with Glower & Liz - September 14th

Ladies! Do you find yourself riding the same riding spots all the time or wishing you could try somewhere new but are unsure if your ability fits the location or where to go once you get there? 

Glower Rides are a series of events for women (which guys are welcome to tag along to – no barriers here!) we’re holding this year to help introduce riders of beginner to intermediate levels to new awesome riding spots.

The days of riding are aimed at getting you to progress your riding, try something new and expand your network of riding buddies. Each location you’ll be hosted by a friendly local female, so you can tap into their experience and always have a contact when you want to return. 

Please note that these rides are not coaching sessions, but social rides aimed at exploring new places and connecting with fellow riders. 

Where are we going?

The fourth and final stop on the Glower Rides tour will take us north, over the border to Scotland. We’ll be hitting up some beautiful Scottish trails by Katy Winton’s home in the infamous Tweed Valley at Glentress Trail Centre, Peebles (EH45 8NB).

Host for the day will be Glower Ambassador, Diana McLaren. Growing up slap-bang in the middle of Scotland in Stirling, Diana knows a thing or two about Scottish trails, racing downhill and is currently under the wing of the Scottish Downhill Association’s academy for this year. She’s the perfect person to guide us around the chilled and fun trails of Glentress and share her local knowledge.

What's the plan for the day?

This will be a longer day in the saddle, but brilliant for intermediate riders who want to explore red-level trails somewhere new and possess a reasonable level of fitness - it will be approx 3hrs in the saddle.

What do I need to know? 

  • Glentress is a trail centre, specific for mountain bikers - it’s free to ride the trails but you need to pay for parking (£5 for the day)
  • As it’s a MTB specific centre we will have access to toilets en route
  • There’s a cafe at the beginning and end of the loop so you can grab drinks and snacks, though we recommend you also bring a pack with hydration and snacks in also
  • We will have a mechanic in the group, however please come prepared - bring the appropriate tools, inner-tubes etc that you’d expect to for a trail riding day to ensure you can keep rolling should you experience a puncture or a minor mechanical
  • As this session is more trail-riding based, we recommend knee pads, comfy clothing for some time in the saddle and an open-face helmet. Per all our events, no helmet, no ride so please come equipped.
  • We appreciate this one may be a little distance from home - if you wish to stay overnight, Glentress Trail centre is right next to Glentress Forest Lodges where you can pre-book for a little glamping adventure! https://www.glentressforestlodges.co.uk The area is also a bit of a MTB Mecca so go search around, there are lots of options for mountain bikers!

We will confirm more details closer to the event, but feel free to ask us any questions through any of our social media channels: Glowerclothing on Instagram or Facebook

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